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How To Paint on Glass Mugs?

Learn how to paint on glass mugs and explore the many exciting possibilities that comes with it, especially that will help you to turn your plain glass mugs, as well as other types of glassware, into extraordinary glass mugs and glassware.

The Types of Paint Used for Painting Glass Mugs

Glass mugs need paints and markers that are specially-formulated for glass, which non-porous material makes it difficult for ordinary paints, colorants, and ink to stay long, or at least adhere, to a clear glass mugs' glossy and non-absorbent surface. Using the right types of paint for glass is, therefore, key to successfully painting and decorating glass mugs, and here are the common types of paint used for painting glass mugs, which you can easily find in the market or a craft store:

Glass Paints.

Glass paints come in a wide range of colors, can create transparent or opaque colors on the surface of the glass, particularly by applying a thick coating or by mixing one color of glass paint with another color, and they dry to a highly glossy or crystal-like finish. They come in two (2) types, i.e., air-dry glass paints, which dry without the need for a kiln or oven, and bake-on glass paints, which require painted glass mugs to be baked inside an oven so the painted design stays long on the surface of the glass mug.

To use glass paints, thoroughly clean and/or condition the area of the glass mug that will be painted and apply the paint thinly to the surface of the glass using a soft-bristled brush to create a smooth, streak-free effect.

Glass Enamel.

Glass enamel, like glass paint, comes in a wide range of colors and they dry with a opaque, frosted, or highly glossy or crystal-like finish. Glass enamels contain fine particles of glass, which are typically mixed with a medium to create a liquid, paint-like consistency. They are applied to the surface of the glass mug using a paint brush, air-brush, or a cosmetic sponge and the painted glass mug is then fired inside a kiln to cure the paint and make the painted design durable, permanent, and dishwasher-safe. When working with glass enamel, be sure to wear safety goggles and a mask to avoid the inhalation of its tiny glass particles.

Glass Paint Markers

Glass paint markers are used in just the same way as paper markers and they are perfect for writing, drawing, or sketching designs on your glass mug. Glass paint markers are available in a variety of vibrant colors, have different tip sizes and styles – including fine tips, thick tips, and brush tips, and they dry to a glossy, translucent finish. They can also be baked or cured inside the oven to become dishwasher-safe and durable as a hand-painted or hand-drawn design on your personalized glass mugs.

Acrylic Paint.

Acrylic paints are suited for painting a lot of surfaces, including glass mugs and they can be brushed or spray painted to the surface of the glass mug. Acrylic paints dry on the surface of glass mugs with a glossy finish but because they tend to scratch or flake easily, it is ideal to cover them with a clear finish as protective layer.

Glass Stains.

Glass stains are the type of paint for glass that create a stained glass effect. They create a permanent and translucent design with a glossy sheen on the surface of glass mugs and they are typically packaged in a bottle with a tip for easy application. Glass stains can also be mixed with another color of glass stain on the surface of the glass mug to be painted and typically require a kiln or oven to be set on the surface of the glass.

How to Paint on Glass Mugs

The following are our simple tips and quick do-it-yourself ideas on how to paint on glass mugs and how you can paint glass mugs with your own work of art or personalized design.

Paint Glass Mugs Using Paper Doilies

If you long for an artist's hands but love the idea of giving your plain and clear glass mugs a tad of pizzazz with a classic-themed hand-painted design, especially a colorful, floral-themed pattern around the bottom or side of the mug, or a season-themed artwork that will make them standout as a beautiful painted glassware, paper doilies can always serve as a reliable pattern for your painted glass mugs.

You will need: Square or rectangular paper doily, scissors, double-sided tape, paint brush or cosmetic sponge, glass paint

1. Cut the edging design of your paper doily to come up with a straight cutout pattern.
2. Lay the cutout pattern around the bottom side of the glass mug and secure it with a double-sided tape. Ensure that there will be no gaps between the two (2) cutout patterns.
3. Brush or dab glass paint on the cutout pattern to create designs on the glass mug.
4. Let the glass paint dry completely and remove the cutout pattern from the glass mug.

How to Paint on Glass Mugs Using a Stencil

Stencils let you transfer a lot of your favorite cutout designs and own work of art to glass mugs. You can buy ready-to-use adhesive stencils from a craft store, you can also make them yourself by printing or drawing your design on a sticker paper or a transparency and then creating cutouts on the latter using an art knife. The following are tips on how to paint on glass mugs using stencils:

You will need: Stencils of your desired design, glass paint, paint brush

1. Stick the stencil on the desired area of the glass mug where you want your design to be painted.
2. Dip the paint brush with glass paint and apply the latter over the stencil.
3. Gently peel the stencil while the glass paint is still wet and leave glass mug’s painted design to dry completely before using.

How to Make Stained Glass Mugs

Abstract designs, polygon patterns, exquisite motifs with a jewel-like hue, and fairy tale-inspired artwork can all be made to standout by using stained glass paints for your painted glass mugs. The beauty of stained glass paint is that you can mix two or more colors on the surface of the glass mug itself, which dries up to a beautiful blend or layers of colors. The following are our DIY ideas on how to make stained glass mugs:

You will need: Stained glass pattern printed on a white sheet of paper, stained glass paints, double-sided tape, paint brush, oven

1. Cut your design pattern and secure it along the interior walls of the glass mug.
2. Trace the design of your stained glass pattern with the help of the applicator tip of your stained glass paint to create a border for the different colors of your stained glass mug's featured design. Let dry for 1 to 2 hours, or as recommended by manufacturer.
3. Color your traced stained glass design with stained glass paint. You can squeeze a drop of the paint on the surface of the glass mug and then spread the latter using a paint brush.
4. Fire the glass mug inside the oven according to manufacturer’s instruction to dry and set the stained glass paint on the surface of the glass mug.

Safety Guide and Basic Tips on Painting Glass Mugs

1. Ensure that the surface of the glass mug to be painted is thoroughly cleaned. You can wash your glass mug with soap and water and then apply alcohol on the area to be painted. Avoid touching the latter so as not to leave fingerprints that will have an adverse effect on your finished design.
2. Always read the manufacturer's label before using your glass paints and follow the same when painting your glass mugs.
3. Print your design pattern on white paper so you can more clearly see the color of the design that you are working on.
4. Use clean brush in painting to bring out the best color of your glass paint. After using, wash the paint brush thoroughly and rest on a container with the bristles up.
5. Have a dry paint brush, cotton bud, or toothpick ready to erase wet paint or mistaken strokes.
6. Safely remove dry paint from the surface of the glass mug using an art knife or a cutter.
7. Work in a well-ventilated area and exercise safety precautions as glass paints have odor and are flammable.

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