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How to Decorate Glass Mug?

Decorating glass mugs not only makes them look more smart and presentable for everyday dining and social entertaining, it also makes for a great way to embellish and reuse your old but still good glass mugs. Here are our tips on how to decorate glass mugs:

Make Glass Mugs Table Centerpiece

Give your wedding or party a hip, festive style by making glass mugs table centerpiece. Fill big daddy beer mugs with river rocks and let stand on the middle a silver-painted branch. Hang glass ornaments on the branch to decorate.

Decorate Glass Mugs Using Mug Cozies.

Mug cozies are typically a crocheted or knitted cover for glass mugs. They are popular dress-up kit for glass mugs during winter as they help to keep the beverage to stay warm for a longer period of time. Mug cozies also make glass coffee mugs smart to take from the home to the streets and the office desk and they are also very easy to make. Here is a quick DIY tip on how to make a mug cozy:

Crocheted mug cozy. You will need: Yarn, crochet hook, and button. Start by crocheting a single line to wrap around the bottom of the glass mug and continue until you have made a rectangular pattern enough to wrap the surface of the glass mug except the handle. Sew 1 or 2 buttons on one side of the mug cozy and continue crocheting on the other side to make a hole for the button(s). Ensure that your button helps to keep your mug cozy snug around your glass mug.

Sew a fabric mug cozy. You will need: A small piece of fabric to wrap your glass mug, a pair or two of sew-in Velcro, matching thread, and sewing machine. Start by sewing the edges of your fabric and then sew the Velcro on the two (2) shorter sides of the fabric. Ensure that the latter are sewn in such a way that they can make your fabric mug cozy wrap snugly around your glass mug. Tip: You can also sew a small pocket outside the fabric mug cozy enough to fit a bag of tea or a small packet of coffee.

Paint Irish Glass Coffee Mugs

Irish glass coffee mugs are decorative on their own, but if you think of giving them more touch of chic and personalized sense of style, why not try to paint their handle and base, especially in a shade to match the color of the personalized or custom design that you featured on their side.

You will need: Personalized glass Irish coffee mug, glass paint in the color of your choice, and paintbrush. Simply paint the handle and base of your glass Irish coffee mug. Let dry, or bake to set, if necessary. Tip: Use glass stains so that your finished glass Irish coffee mugs dry with a jewel-like hue.

Decorate Glass Mugs with Gel Candles

Upscale the use of your glass mugs by decorating them with chocolate or coffee-colored gel candles. You will need: a zinc core wick tied at the middle of a pencil, hot glue, gel wax, stainless steel pot, liquid dye for gel candles, and essential oils. Optional: figurines for decorations.

To prepare your glass mug for your gel candle:
1. Dribble hot glue onto the center of the bottom of the glass mug and stick the zinc core wick.
2. Lay the pencil over the rim of the glass mug so that the wick stays in place at the center while waiting for the gel candle to dry.

To make gel candle:
1. Cut the gel wax into small cubes. Put the latter onto a stainless steel pot and melt over medium heat.
2. Monitor the heat very carefully until it reaches to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep cooking at this temperature until the gel is smooth and syrupy.
3. Color your gel candle with liquid dye that is made specially for gel candles.
4. Add 1/4 teaspoon of essential oil to melted gel candle.
5. Check the gel and try melting a couple more cubes in it if it appears cloudy.

To pour gel candle on glass mugs:
1. Heat glass mugs to 150 degrees Fahrenheit to keep bubbles from the gel candle at a minimum.
2. Pour the melted gel candle wax slowly and onto the sides of the glass mug to keep bubbles at a minimum. If you want bubbles for effect, let the gel cool to 175 degrees Fahrenheit before pouring.
3. Let the gel candle set for four (4) hours and then trim the wick to 1/4 inch.

Tips and warnings:
1. Don't let the temperature of the gel wax exceed 230 degrees Fahrenheit. If the gel burns, it will stink and turn yellow or brown.
2. Keep spills to a minimum. Gel is harder than wax to clean up.
3. Avoid very narrow containers; a pool of melted gel can catch fire, and the flame may cause blackening of the glass if it's too close.

Surprise Glass Mugs

Surprise mugs are so-called because of how they surprise their user with a pretty figurine that sits at the bottom of the mug. Surprise mugs may not at all create as much surprise than ceramics surprise mugs owing to the transparent nature of glass, but that does not mean at all that surprise mugs are best left only for ceramic mugs, as your surprise figurine may also add an aesthetic appeal to your every drinking cup, they also make for an awesome decoration for your themed parties.

You will need: Glass coffee mug, gloss-painted figurine, hot glue. Neatly dribble hot glue on the center of the bottom of the glass mug and stick to it the gloss-painted figurine. You can also paint the exterior of the glass mug to make your figurine stand-out even more.

Tip: Just like the early beer steins, you can paint just the bottom of the glass mug so that your surprise design becomes visibly only after finishing the last drop of your beverage.

How to Decorate Glass Mugs for the Coffee Bar

For your coffee bar, don't stop on serving your perfectly-blended coffee on personalized glass mugs, but decorate them further to make them appear more attuned to the theme or motif of your coffee bar or special occasion.

Embellish Each Glass Mug's Handle with Satin Ribbon

You will need: Personalized glass coffee mugs, 1/4-inch satin ribbons, hot glue, faux flowers, beads, or other decorative materials

Dot hot glue on one end of the satin ribbon and then use it to completely wrap the handle of your personalized coffee mug. Cut the end of the satin ribbon and dot hot glue onto the latter. Finish decorating the handle of your personalized glass mug with craft materials, like faux flowers, beads, or crystals.

Wrap the Glass Mug with Card stock and Custom-Designed Sticker

If you missed to buy personalized glass mugs for your coffee bar, you can turn to card stock for quick and easy customization. To do this, you will need: Cylinder-shaped glass mug, ruler, thread for measuring the circumference of the mug, card stock in the color of your choice, double sided tape, sticker paper, image editor software and computer printer, and a pair of scissors.

1. Measure the space between the top and bottom of the handle of the mug by laying your ruler against the surface of the mug and adjacent to its handle.
2. Measure the circumference of the mug by running the thread around its surface. Lay the thread flat over a ruler to determine the corresponding measurement.
3. Sketch the above measurements on card stock, adding a few inches allowance to the length or diameter so that one side overlaps the other, which makes it simpler to join the ends using double-sided tape Cut the card stock to size using a pair of scissors.
4. Prepare your custom design on an image editor software. Re-size your desired image so that it fits perfectly on the card stock, i.e., vertically and horizontally, especially the viewer's angle of glass mug.
5. Print your design on sticker paper and cut to your desired size.
6. Wrap the card stock around the center of the glass mug and secure the ends beneath the handle.
7. Peel the paper backing from the sticker paper and stick the latter over the card stock as your personalized design.

How to Wrap Glass Mugs for Wedding Favors and Gifts

Glass mugs organza gift bags are specially-sized to hold ceramic or glass mugs, especially glass coffee mugs. They come in a huge range of colors to match your special occasion's motif, they also make wrapping your glass mugs for gifts so quick and easy. To decorate glass mugs for wedding favors and gifts, simply slip each glass mug inside the each organza bag for mug. Close the organza bag by tying its attached satin ribbon to a bow. You can also finish the latter with a Thank You card and faux flowers, Chinese tassel, or silver charm to give each gift mug more aesthetic appeal.

How to Decorate Glass Mugs with Fruit Kebab

Fruit kebab makes an awesome snack or dessert for parties and big events and the great idea about using glass mugs to hold these fancy fruit sticks is that they make for a colorful decoration on the party tables, party hosts can also choose whether to arrange the glass mugs with fruit kebab on the buffet table so guests simply have to pick a stick for themselves, or a glass mug of fruit kebab to share with their crowd on the same party table, or use these glass mugs with fruit kebab as table centerpiece for plate-in dinner parties.

To decorate your glass mugs with fruit kebabs, you will need: A small lettuce head or cucumber, fruit tongs, skewers for your fruit kebab, fruits, like apple, pineapple, kiwi, grapes, papaya, and strawberries

To prepare your glass mugs: Fit a lettuce head or peeled cucumber onto each glass mug.

To make your fruit kebab: Start by slicing each fruit into bite-size pieces. You can also refrigerate your fruits overnight so they become more firm and easier to slice and shape for your kebab. Next, using a fruit tong, insert the sliced fruits onto the skewers until you have covered approximately one-half of the latter. Insert the skewer onto the lettuce head until you have made a fruit bouquet-looking arrangement of fruit kebabs on a glass mug.

You can also make your fruit bouquet more attractive by decorating a bow on the side of the glass mug. When giving them as edible gifts or favors, simply insert a Thank You gift tag before you tie the bow, and when serving these fruit bouquet or fruit kebabs on glass mugs on your store, ensure to hand your clients freshly-sliced fruit kebabs.

How to Decorate Glass Mugs Used for Baked Goodies

If you can't get enough of giving personalized glass mugs for gifts and wedding favors like us, you can use your glass mugs to serve baked goodies, like brownies and chocolate mug cake, that your family and friends would surely love. Here we share with you one of our favorite 5-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake recipe that you can try with your microwave-safe glass mugs:

You will need:
4 tablespoons flour
2 tablespoons sugar
2 tablespoons cocoa powder
1 whole egg
3 tablespoons evaporated milk
3 tablespoons butter
1/4 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoon chocolate chips

1. Mix together flour, sugar, and cocoa powder inside the glass mug.
2. Add egg onto the mixture and mix thoroughly.
3. Add in milk, butter, vanilla extract, and chocolate chips. Mix together until fluffy.
4. Bake chocolate mug cake inside the microwave oven over high heat for about 3 minutes, or until mug cake settles or stops to rise.

Decorate your 5-Minute Chocolate Mug Cake with icing, cake sprinklers, and/or cupcake toppers to make them perfect for your wedding, parties, and other special occasions.

You can also checkout our Glass Mug Craft Ideas and How To on decorating and etch glass mug sections to learn more tips on how to decorate glass mugs, including glass coffee mugs and glass beer mugs.